Celebrating our Faculty of Management Award Recipients 

Spring 2022

Business Management Scholarships - Operations Management
Established by: Small Business Entrepreneur Program
Recipient: Jemma Kohn

Business Management Scholarships - Project Management
Established by: Small Business Entrepreneur Program
Recipient: Trevor MacDougall

Business Management Scholarships - Strategic Management
Established by: Small Business Entrepreneur Program
Recipient: Mikayla Haynes

Chartwells Community and Innovation Award
Established by: Compass Group Canada and Chartwells Education Dining Services
Recipient: Ceara Spowart

Complete Purchasing Services Nutrition and Food Services Management Scholarship
Established by: Complete Purchasing Services Inc.
Recipient: Nhat Lam Thy Tran

CPABC Vancouver Chapter Award
Established by: The Chartered Accountants' Education Foundation of BC
Recipient: Hayley Meyers

Dwyer Immigration Medical Services Award
Established by: Dwyer Immigration Medical Services
Recipient: Camila Itchikawa

HSBC Bank Canada International Business Scholarship
Established by: HSBC Bank Canada
Recipient: Arash Davari

Keith Murray Memorial Scholarship
Established by: Established by: Colleagues, Friends, and Family of Keith Murray
Recipient: Travis Salazar

Langara Financial Services Scholarship
Established by: Langara College Financial Services Department
Recipient: Nicholas Eakin

LSM Excellence Scholarship
Established by: Langara School of Management
Recipient: Guru Anter Khalsa

LSU Langara School of Management Scholarship
Established by: Langara Students' Union
Recipient: Nicholas Eakin, Lucas Hames Shiguehara, Jeong-Hyun, Lee, Grace Ng

Michael Sharzer Scholarship for Business Presentation Skills
Established by: Michael Sharzer
Recipient: Wan Yeung

Pacific Society of Nutrition Management Award
Established by: Pacific Society of Nutrition Management
Recipient: Camila Pedrassoli Coelho

Society of Notaries Public of B.C. Scholarship
Established by: Society of Notaries Public in BC
Recipient: Gabriela Alejandra Canas Chicas

Xerox Canada Business Scholarship
Established by: Xerox Canada
Recipient: Kyra Wheatley


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Spring 2022 Awards


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