Assignments and Classwork

Normally, term essays, projects, and reports assigned during the semester account for 65 to 80 percent of the grade for each course. The final examination provides an additional means of measuring achievement. Considering this, it is vital for success in any course or program at Langara that students maintain a consistent effort in all assignments and class work. Many instructors have tutorial periods available every week, particularly for students who need extra help.

Final Examinations

To receive course credit, students must write the final examination for any course for which a final examination is scheduled. The schedules are displayed on the College website at least one month before the examinations begin. Students are responsible to be aware of the time, location and date of their final examinations. If possible, final examinations will be rescheduled upon request for any student scheduled to write:

  • Two or more examinations at the same time;
  • Two or more examinations each exceeding one hour in duration with an intervening break of less than 30 minutes;
  • More than three examinations in one day; or
  • More than six hours of examinations in one day.

Final examinations will not be rescheduled for reasons other than those noted above. See Final Exam Policy F1007.