Students can obtain their grades by visiting Langara's login page and viewing their academic record (transcript).

Repeating a Course: Credits, Grades, and GPAs

Effective Summer Semester 2009, students repeating a course will have all attempts at the course shown on their academic transcript and included in determining the semester and cumulative grade point averages. If credit is awarded for more than one attempt at the course, the total credits earned (Langara credits and transfer credits if applicable) will include the credits from only one of the attempts. The grade for the most recent attempt will be used to meet prerequisite and graduation requirements.

Appeal of Final Grades

Appeal of a final grade must be made within 10 working days from the last day of final examinations in the semester.

For more information on appeals and deadline dates, see the Langara College Appeal of Final Grade Policy and Procedures.

Students may contact Registrar & Enrolment Services for Appeal of Final Grade forms and procedures.