Early Admission from a First Academic Suspension

Students on a first academic suspension may be eligible for early readmission by completing the Langara Return to Learning (LRTL) course. Early readmission is neither automatic nor guaranteed, and students will still be required to sit-out for a minimum of one semester.

This option is not available to students on second or third suspension.

There are four steps to completing the LRTL option for early readmission:

  1. Attend a mandatory LRTL information session. Session dates are posted on the Langara Counselling Academic Suspension webpage. Following the information session, students will be registered into the LRTL course.

    Important note: Students must present photo ID (such as a Langara Student ID) and have their Langara email address when attending an information session.
  2. Attend a course orientation session during the first week of the course.
  3. Successfully complete the minimum standard in the LRTL by the course end date. The minimum standard is a score of 75% or higher on all module quizzes and meet expectations on all reflection assignments in the LRTL course.
  4. Once the LRTL is completed, submit an appeal to returntolearning@langara.ca with the following:
    Students must submit all required appeals documents to be considered for early readmission.

The deadline to submit an appeal for early readmission for the Fall Semester 2022 is Monday, June 13, 2022. Appeals for early readmission will not be accepted after this deadline. Students who submit their appeal by June 13 will receive an appeal decision on or before Friday, June 17, 2022.

Please note that students may not receive an appeal decision prior to the start of activations. However, students will receive an appeal decision prior to the start of registration for the Fall Semester 2022.