Langara College requires all members of the College community to conduct themselves in a manner that promotes a learning and working environment characterized by encouragement, free enquiry, integrity, mutual respect, professionalism, recognition of achievement, and social responsibility. The College community respects diversity, is civil, and provides for individual safety.

Langara College creates policies to address important issues and outline practices and expected behaviours.

Langara College students must be aware of and comply with the College policies and procedures contained in this Calendar, in the semester Registration Guide and Course Schedule, and in Policies for Students section on the Langara College website.

College Policies

The following list of College policies are relevant to students who are registered:

Student and Faculty Responsibilities

Students are responsible to be aware of and abide by all policies, procedures, and deadlines published in the Registration Guide and Course Schedule, and on the College website.

Instructors have a responsibility to provide students with frequent evaluation throughout the semester. Students have a responsibility to keep their work up-to-date so that their instructors can inform them of their progress.

Instructors have a responsibility to keep regular office hours including tutorial or seminar hours where applicable. Students have a responsibility to take advantage of these times to discuss problems or questions they may have.


Students must attend all classes, lectures, laboratories, workshops, practicums, and seminars. Irregular attendance may result in exclusion from classes. Absence for any cause in no way relieves students of their responsibility to complete the course work to the satisfaction of the instructor.

If students are unavoidably absent because of illness or some other acceptable reason, they are still responsible for class work or assignments missed. If repeated absences are due to illness, students may be asked to submit a medical certificate.

Academic Freedom

The College recognizes academic freedom. For clarification of the term academic freedom, see either a Dean of Instruction or the Dean of Student Services.