Career Opportunities

Career Opportunities

Program Graduates Succeed

Today’s economy requires graduates with strong, practical skills to meet customer requirements and compete globally. Langara College Marketing Management graduates find career opportunities in:

  • e-commerce
  • retail and distribution management
  • logistics
  • selling and sales management
  • advertising
  • specialized areas of the new marketing era

Marketing Management graduates find many job opportunities in the services sector. The phenomenal growth of Canada’s services industry has made marketing and sales extremely vital. It is estimated that 70% of the country’s work force is employed in the services sector. Due to a significant shortage of skilled employees in distribution management, customer relationship marketing and retailing, there is great potential for both personal and financial satisfaction in this field.


Langara College’s Marketing Management combines academic course work with a practical focus on marketing, particularly in small to medium-sized enterprises. The program provides:

  • a sound knowledge of general business management.
  • specialized instruction in the key functions of marketing and sales.
  • practical, business-ready skills in written communications, analysis and interpersonal communications.


Marketing Management graduates are equipped with the practical knowledge, skills and experience to meet the needs of contemporary businesses. Students are exposed to the new tools of marketing, particularly in customer relationship marketing, database marketing, e-commerce and distribution, and promotion.