Secondary School Students

Secondary School Students

Secondary school students are welcome to apply for the Journalism program. Here's how to find out more information:

  1. Attend an information session:  These sessions are held throughout the year and give students (and their parents) an outline of what to expect from the Langara Journalism program and potential career paths within the industry.
  2. Visit the Campus: Teachers of English/Journalism can bring their high-school classes to our program for a daytime tour. During the tour, our faculty members will show students the newsroom and provide relevent information about the program, the industry, and how to apply to Langara College.
  3. Arrange a School Visit: Teachers can request a school visit by one of our faculty members (TV, radio, multi-media, print specialty) to talk about the journalism profession and how to train for a successful career. Our faculty members can also provide unbiased information about other journalism schools/programs in Canada.

For more information or to book sessions related to any of the above, please contact us:

Effie Klein
Department Chair

Neil Amsler
Department Program Assistant