Career Opportunities

Career Opportunities

Social and Community Service Workers are listed as one of the high opportunity occupations with 11,020 job openings in British Columbia from 2019 to 2029 (Good Jobs for Today and Tomorrow, British Columbia, 2020).

As Canada’s baby boomer population ages, the community-based older adult service sector is also growing. This is a dynamic and exciting field with tremendous career opportunities for people who have a passion for working with older persons.

Careers in Gerontology
There are a lot of career opportunities in Gerontology. You can apply your skills in business, cooking, botany, crafts, and exercise among others, to a fulfilling career working with older adults.

February 2020 | Amica - West Vancouver

Professionals in this sector are providing innovative services to older adults that prevent social isolation, promote mental, physical, and emotional health, ensure food security, and support older adults to age in place while staying active in their communities. Graduates from these programs are qualified to apply for positions in seniors-serving organizations like community centres, non-profit organizations, neighbourhood houses, assisted-living residences, adult day programs, and seniors centres.

Job titles include:

  • recreation assistant
  • life enrichment coordinator or assistant
  • day program worker
  • intake worker
  • program manager or coordinator
  • program and policy developer
  • program facilitator
  • research assistant
  • information and referral counsellor
  • advocate
  • one to one support worker

In addition, students can combine these certifications with their previous areas of expertise to create services for older adults in niche markets.

Throughout the programs, students are introduced to the networks of services that exist in the community via field visits, guest speakers, and practicum opportunities.