Career Opportunities

Career Opportunities


Langara College’s Financial Management Program is designed to provide graduates with a multi-disciplinary education with a strong emphasis on finance and accounting. The program provides:

  • a strong technical base in finance and accounting, with many courses transferable to the designation programs offered by professional accounting associations.
  • an overview of business, based on feedback from the business community.
    interpersonal skills training, so necessary to succeed in the world of corporate finance and accounting.
  • an excellent co-operative education option that gives students the opportunity to complement their academic training with practical “on-the-job” experience.


Graduates receive a diploma in Financial Management, encompassing the following:

  • Fundamental Business Skills – students learn the basic skills required in the business environment, including computer technology, interpersonal skills, business applications of mathematics and statistics and organizational behaviour.
  • Advanced Skills in Financial Management – students in the program focus on higher level skills in accounting and finance, including advanced financial and management accounting, taxation and corporate finance.