Becca Van Dop
Freelance Graphic Designer (2016 Graduate)
"It was such a wonderful program to be a part of and I am turning down clients right now I am so busy. I am freelancing from Toronto and it is incredible. Because of this program, I am able to do SO much for my clients. I can build their sites, update their graphic material, and do any redesign work they might need."

Kayley Pielou
Desktop Publisher, Careers Training Group (2014 Graduate)
"I use almost every skill from the Publishing program on a daily basis; from using Creative Suite, creating templates and style guides, doing graphic design, doing web design, dealing with printers and pre-press set-up, to writing and editing. I feel comfortable in my skillset and prepared for any task. My workplace is also very impressed with my range of skills and have noted that it is really hard to find people with such a varied skill set and have just given me a nice salary increase based on this!"

Nicola Humphrey
Publicist, Heth PR (2011 Graduate)
"As a mature student I had practical demands; I needed to learn new skills and return to the workforce as soon as possible. The Langara Publishing Program's intensive year allowed me to transition out of my former career efficiently and effectively. The Publishing Program replicated real-world situations, expectations and deadlines. The skills I learned and connections I made quickly led to an internship and freelance work at Vancouver magazine after graduation. I am now employed in a permanent position at a Public Relations firm where I make practical use of my publishing knowledge every day."

Ivanka Skrypnyk
Look Apart Design (2010 Graduate)
"For me, Publishing Program at Langara opened an array of opportunities in graphic and web design fields. Hands-on experience, knowledgeable instructor, and carefully chosen curriculum what makes Publishing Program a success. I loved every aspect of it!"

Ash Tanasiychuk
Founder // Photographer // Videographer // Editor in Chief, VANDOCUMENT (2006 Graduate)
"Before enrolling in Publishing Techniques and Technologies at Langara, I was a visual artist with very little computer experience. The program course load and instruction has great both breadth and depth: not only was I hired immediately upon graduation by a multimedia company, it also gave me the range of skills needed to launch my own online publication - VANDOCUMENT."

Katie Teed
Senior Manager, Marketing and Communications, UBC Biodiversity Collections (2008 Graduate)
"I use skills I learned in the Langara Publishing Program every day in my role as a marketing manager. It's no longer enough for marketers to be skilled in strategy. As resources continue to tighten up, it is becoming critically important that marketing professionals also have publishing skills in their tool bag. The Langara Publishing Program has been an important part of my continued success in the field of marketing and communications."

Kara Cunningham
Editor/Publisher, Automotive Retailers Association (2002 Graduate)
"The program provided the bridge I needed between academia and the real world of publishing. The versatility and skills I developed as a student helped me find employment in my field of choice, and I have now been in the publishing industry for over a decade. I now publish multiple magazines, and I would not hesitate to hire a Langara Publishing Program graduate."