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How many students are accepted?
30, with a wait list in some years. There is one intake per year, in September.

How many students apply?
It varies, but in recent history, there have been approximately 100 applications.

What is the English language requirement for Digital and Print Publishing?
One of the following is required:

  • Successful completion of a post-secondary English or Communications course with a minimum "C" grade for which Langara offers university-transfer credit OR ENGL 1120 at Langara College with a minimum "C" grade.
  • Score of 3 on either the LET (Langara English Test) or the equivalent LPI score (Language Proficiency Index). (Details on equivalent LPI and LET scores.)
  • A final mark of 80% or higher in English 12 also satisfies the English requirement.
  • IELTS - minimum level 6.5, with a minimum of 6.0 in Reading and Writing
  • TOEFL - internet-based (IBT) score of 80 with a minimum 18 in Listening, 18 in Speaking, 20 in Reading, and 20 in Writing.

How do I find out about the LET or LPI?
Information and test dates for the LET are available here. It is written on campus, often on weekends. Hover on the "Langara English Test" link to display the drop-down menu with all the details. The LPI is offered at a variey of locations in BC, with some options outside the province. Details on the LPI are available on their website.

Do I need a portfolio?
You are not required to have a portfolio to apply to the program.

What do I need to do to apply?
Click on the Admission Requirements link in the righthand column. Underneath, is an Apply Now link to start your application.

Can I complete Digital and Print Publishing on a part-time basis?
Yes, there is a combination of courses that will satisfy the pre-requisites and offer opportunities to work on Pacific Rim Magazine. Contact the Program Coordinator for details. A limited number of part-time positions in the program are available each year.

I’ve been out of school for several years. Will I be the only “mature” student?
While there is no way to predict the backgrounds and ages of incoming students, the Digital and Print Publishing program traditionally has attracted individuals from a wide range of ages and backgrounds. Many have previous post-secondary education and are attracted to the one-year, hands-on approach. Some are changing careers or updating skills for their current career. Students who have been most successful in the program are open to learning new things, have good time management skills, and a desire to experiment and learn from many sources.

What is the approximate cost?
As of September 2017, tuition fees are $95.56 per credit to a maximum of 18 credits per semester. With over 18 credits in two of the three semesters, Digital and Print Publishing is a bargain! In addition there are Student Union Fees (flat fee: $21.31 per semester + $6.26/credit), a Capital Building Legacy fund ($36.47/semester), U-Pass ($164/semester) as well as textbooks and materials fees for some courses. Fees are subject to change, including Student Health and Dental Plan, and U-Pass. To learn more, use our Cost of Study tool for a full breakdown by semester.

Do I need to do any preparation for September courses?
Some students find it useful to work on a Macintosh computer, if possible. You certainly needn’t buy a Macintosh computer for this purpose. It’s recommended that students who are considering buying a computer for home use wait until about midway in the fall semester, or later, to make a decision on just what computer and software to buy. It is intended that students can complete the program without having a computer at home. Having a home Windows or Mac computer with word processing and internet capability would be useful, but is not required. Students registered in the Digital and Print Publishing Program have full access to training videos on Lynda.com to supplement their courses.

What certification will I earn?
A student successfully completing Digital and Print Publishing will earn a diploma. A diploma is 60 or more credits and is typically offered in four semesters (fall & spring with a summer semester break). Digital and Print Publishing is structured as an intensive three-semester full-time program, offered each year starting in the fall and finishing in August. Convocation is in early June of the year following completion of Digital and Print Publishing. Courses are held mostly in the afternoons and evenings, Monday to Friday.

Do grads of the program get jobs?
Our alumni answer that question on the Careers page. Graduates find jobs in publishing and publishing-related areas. While there is no formal job placement program, there is a Digital and Print Publishing alumni group by which we distribute work opportunities received by faculty. Alumni also share opportunities through this group. We receive numerous requests from employers to distribute opportunities to our grads and have earned a solid reputation in the Lower Mainland publishing industry. Many faculty members have industry contacts and there are several industry tours, particularly in the spring semester.

Do the courses transfer?
A number of courses in Digital and Print Publishing transfer to other colleges and universities. See the bctransferguide.ca for details.