Computer Science is the study of computers, computation, automation, and information. The discipline is vast and has overlap with many other disciplines (ex. Computer Science + Biology = Bioinformatics). In general, computer scientists usually work with software and software systems, and the programming of thereof. Programming is one main element of Computer Science. 

A solid background in computer science will provide you with the skills necessary to design and analyze algorithms that solve problems as well as analyze the performance of these algorithms. The algorithms you design may solve abstract problems, such as whether a computer can even solve a particular problem, or real-world problems, like designing an application that performs well on an embedded device, or an application that is easy for the elderly to use.

Successful graduates of the Computer Science department are lifelong learners who can quickly adapt to this ever-changing field. The Langara Computing Science department offers four credentials:

The Computer Science and Computer Studies programs have an optional co-op work placement component to integrate academic studies with practical work experience.

These programs directly prepare students for employment in the field of computing and information technology in the public and private sectors, as well as for further academic success in Canadian and international post-secondary institutions.