Career Opportunities

Career Opportunities

Bioinformatics specialists are in high demand in both academia and industry. Moreover, salaries are higher in bioinformatics than other fields in science. The responsibilities of a bioinformatician include data analysis, software development, project support, and computational infrastructure support. If you complete a BSc. in Bioinformatics at Langara, this degree will allow you to pursue a career as a Bioinformatician, Biostatistician or Data Scientist to name a few. 


Sectors in which bioinformatics trainees are in high demand include but are not limited to:

  • Life sciences research

  • Pharmaceutical sciences

  • Health care

  • Biotechnology

  • Natural resources and agriculture

Did you know?

BC is considered a worldwide bioinformatics activity hub. Bioinformatics specialists are in high demand all over the lower mainland.