Student Testimonials

Student Testimonials

The opportunities that are presented to you during this experience are truly once in a lifetime. Traveling in an academic setting such as this will open unique doors, establish new friendships, and hone pre-existing skills. I cannot thank Kenneth Wong and Avram Agov enough for displaying such enthusiasm and compassion for every student. I can assure that whomever decides to participate in this field study will feel welcome, safe, and inspired by the wonderful people that make this field study possible.

- Travis Green, 2019 Korea Thailand

My experience on the Korea Thailand field study is unmatched by any other. Kenneth and Avram’s flawless planning of this field study left me thrilled to wake up each morning. On top of this, the stress-free environment they cultivated allowed me to thrive on the plentiful opportunities there was to make new friends, try new things, and to grow as an individual. All in all, taking part in this field study was the best decision I have ever made and I encourage anyone reading this to apply now before it’s too late.

- Kyle Rich, 2019 Korea Thailand

The Korea China Field Studies Program was definitely one of the most memorable highlights of my college life. From the knowledge I learned from every scene of the trip, to the long-lasting friendships that I have made, the program provided me with a platform to expand my network. Thus, the three-week experience of living in multiple Asian cities had drawn a different guidance on my future route. Instead of being stuck in a traffic circle with no exit, it brought me to a road with more opportunity stations to fill up my tank for success. Every journey is started with an initiation, and I believe this field studies program was my initiator for my journey.

- Nigel Lai, 2018 Korea China 

The 3-week trip provided me with much more than expected. The perfect combination of business and culture offered me the chance to experience the real China and Korea that I cannot see from textbooks. We visited many historical sites, Korean universities, and world famous companies. The authentic Korean food, local markets with a large variety of products, and the beautiful sceneries were all great memories from the trip. In addition, both instructors were very knowledgeable, responsible and helpful during the trip. I really appreciate this opportunity and would definitely recommend this to others.

Susie Jiang, 2018 Korea China

The China Field Studies Program offered me the chance to see a part of the world I would not have seen otherwise. Along with countless memories, lifelong friends, and career-building skills, the program provides the opportunity for any student looking to add to their international travel checklist and gain invaluable experience.

- Brendan Wong, 2017 China

My experience participating in the 2016 China Field Studies Program was the most memorable experience of my post-secondary education. I loved our classes in Shenzhen. It was so interesting to see what post-secondary school is like in China. I highly recommend this program to any student, no matter what area is the focus of your studies. I felt safe and well taken care of by our instructors and guides and had the opportunity to visit and experience amazing cities and sights in China. If you’re on the fence, you should take the plunge - you’ll have fun and learn way more than just your course material.

- Kira Daley, 2016 China

The China Field Study was an experience of a lifetime. I was able to learn about China's culture and business practices through first-hand experiences and by building personal relationships with local students and professionals. The curriculum was well-suited to our learning objectives but also allowed us the freedom to explore other areas of interest. My favourite moment was visiting Dafen Painting Village during our free time. We befriended some local artists and were invited to their gallery opening. I would recommend the China Field Study to anyone who wants to incorporate travel into their studies.
- Daniel Crough, 2015 China