Program Costs

Program Costs

How Much Is Tuition?

You will pay fees equivalent to the cost of 12 Langara credits, plus the Student Union fees and the Capital Building Legacy Fund fee. The exact fee amounts will be those set for the semester in which you go on exchange. 

Accommodation Waiver and Scholarship

In order to help support international students in this program, Tokiwa very generously offers the following support to program participants:

  • A one-time scholarship of ¥40,000 yen to help defray the cost of living expenses

Can I Use A Student Loan?

Yes, if you qualify for a loan it can be used for the exchange program. You may have to arrange for a power of attorney so that your loan can be processed while you are out of the country.

Other Expenses

Besides paying for your Langara tuition fee, you will also have to pay other expenses including:

  • Airfare and transportation to Mito
  • Books and supplies
  • Food and daily living expenses
  • Medical insurance (all exchange students will be enrolled in Japan’s National Health Insurance program (NHI) after arriving in Japan and must pay roughly ¥2000 yen/month for this insurance. Students must arrange and pay for their own additional health and travel insurance as required.
  • Miscellaneous expenditures

We estimate that you will have to budget approximately Can $6,000 for the semester.