Film Arts

Langara College Film Arts is an intensive, collaborative, and comprehensive career program for students who aspire to work in today’s film industry.

Break into the film industry.

The Film Arts program is designed for dedicated students committed to imaginative exploration. The program provides courses in film studies, industry practices, film production, and career preparation.

Certificate, eight months

  • The Film Arts program offers post-accreditation certificates in three streams of study: Writing for the Screen, Acting for the Screen, and Directing for the Screen
  • Students are guaranteed to write, direct, or act in a minimum of two festival quality films
  • Students graduate with a high degree of proficiency in their chosen stream. They are equipped with a wide range of knowledge, practical skills, and an impressive portfolio of work
  • Many graduates achieve excellence in their chosen speciality. Langara Film Arts alumni regularly appear on the list of Leo Awards nominees
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