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Duplicate Courses

In some cases, different courses cover substantially the same material but are targeted to different audiences. Credit cannot be given for more than one such course or sequence. In particular, students may obtain College credit for at most one of STAT 1123, 1124, or 1181. Students may not obtain College credit for both PSYC 2321 and STAT 1124. Students may not obtain College credit for more than one of STAT 1224, 2225, 3222, or 3223.

University Transfer Commerce and Business Administration

Students wishing to enter the business/commerce programs at UBC are strongly advised to take the STAT 1181 and 2225 sequence for their statistics requirement (along with MATH 2310). Students planning to enter the business program at SFU are strongly advised to take STAT 1181 and the STAT 1182 online one-credit course.

Students completing their BBA at Langara take STAT 1123 followed by either STAT 3222 or 3223.


Prerequisites for courses in statistics are valid for only three years. Students wanting to register in a course for which the prerequisite was taken more than three years ago will require departmental permission. Students may be required to write a diagnostic test or to “upgrade” the prerequisite.



PREREQUISITES   (*within the last three years)


STAT 1123

Students in Langara business programs or Langara BBA. Do not take   this course if you plan to transfer to university in math, science, business,   engineering, computer science, etc.

No formal prerequisite. Should be competent using a calculator, and   competent with grade 11 math

None if Langara Diploma program. STAT 3222 if Langara BBA in Marketing   or Business Management; STAT 3223 if Langara BBA in Financial Management

STAT 1124

Students in social science, health science, dietetics

Grade 11 or 12 Precalculus or Foundations, with C or better; or MDT   53

Possibly STAT 2225 (requires A in 1124)

STAT 1181

Students transferring to university in business, science,   engineering, computer science, dietetics, etc.

Calculus prerequisite (may be taken concurrently)

STAT 2225 (and MATH 2310) for UBC Commerce.

STAT 2281 for UBC Engineering or Computer Science.

STAT 1182 for SFU Business





Repeating a course

A statistics course may be taken only twice, regardless of the grade earned in the first enrolment. The department chair, or delegate, will decide on exceptions to this rule, usually on the basis of documented evidence of upgraded prerequisites. Contact the Advisor for information.

Diagnostic Tests

The Statistics Diagnostic Test is designed to assess background knowledge of students who wish to take STAT 1124 and who do not have an appropriate prerequisite from within the previous five years. Students wishing to take STAT 1123 or 1181 do not need to write the test. The Statistics Diagnostic Test and the Mathematics Diagnostic Test are written at the same location and time. Sample questions, a schedule of when the tests can be written for the upcoming term, and information about registering for the tests, are available here.


Some statistics courses use textbooks which have an online portal or other resources associated with them. Students who purchase second-hand used textbooks may find that they are unable to access those other resources. Please check with your instructor prior to purchasing a used textbook, because you may end up either forfeiting marks associated with the online work, or spending extra money to separately purchase online access.


Listed below are the official calendar course descriptions. For further information, please contact the Department of Mathematics and Statistics.


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Courses Credits
STAT 1123 Basic Probability and Statistics for Business
STAT 1124 Statistical Methods I
STAT 1181 Descriptive and Elementary Inferential Statistics
STAT 1182 Using Excel in First-Term Statistics
STAT 1224 Statistical Methods II
STAT 2225 Intermediate Statistical Inference
STAT 2281 Probability and Elementary Mathematical Statistics
STAT 3222 Intermediate Applied Statistics for Business
STAT 3223 Intermediate Quantitative Methods
STAT 3225 Statistical Methods for Biological and Health Sciences
STAT 4800 Business Statistics
STAT 4810 Intermediate Quantitative Methods