NURS 1131: Self and Others II: Creating Health-Promoting Relationships

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Course Format Lecture 4.0 h + Seminar 0.0 h + Lab. 0.0 h
Credits 3.0

Course Description

Discontinued Fall 2014; Replaced by NURS 3130

The major emphasis of this course is relational practice with individuals, families and groups from a diverse background of age, culture and experience. This is an experiential course designed to deepen the participant's understanding of caring and how the connection between caring and relationship provides the context for health and healing. Participants explore theories and processes of caring relational identity development of self as nurse, and relational practice as enacted across a range of settings and contexts.

Prerequisite(s): a minimum "C+" grade in the following: NURS 1109, 1121, and 1130; BIOL 1190; ENGL 1127 or ENGL 1128; and an "S" grade in NURS 1100.

Corequisite(s): ENGL 1129 OR 1130, BIOL 1191, NURS 1111, BIOL 1141.

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