JOUR 1100: Introduction to the News Media

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Course Format Lecture 3.0 h + Seminar 1.0 h + Lab. 0.0 h
Credits 3.0

Course Description

This course introduces students to the role and function of the news media in a modern society, its important effects on people's lives, and its current challenges. It explores the role of the news media in enabling citizens to make informed decisions in a democratic society, and how well the media is fulfilling that role. It also examines basic journalism values such as accuracy, impartiality, and ethics. This course would be useful to students considering becoming journalists, planning studies related to mass media, or to those pursuing a career in business, law, public service, entertainment or other professions in the public eye. This course does not teach journalism skills.

Prerequisite(s): LET level 3; LPI with a minimum 26 on the essay and one of 5 in English usage, 5 in sentence structure, or 10 in reading comprehension; English Studies 12 or equivalent with a minimum 80%; Literary Studies 12 with a minimum 80%; English First Peoples 12 with a minimum 80%; a university-level English course for which Langara College awards transfer credit, with a minimum "C" grade; or a minimum "C" in ENGL 1120; or an "S" in one of ENGL 1107, 1108, or 1110.

Note: This course is open to all students.

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