FSRV 2629: Food Service Management - Final Practicum

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Course Format Lecture 0.0 h + Seminar 14.5 h + Lab. 0.0 h
Credits 5.0

Course Description

Taken in the final semester, this practicum provides the opportunity for the student with 6 or more years of food service management experience to apply their management experience to an established set of competencies. Based on a self-assessment and instructor review, the student will be required to complete a minimum number of full days in a food service facility other than where they are currently employed, to supplement their experience and/or to achieve competencies not met through their past experience. Enrolment in this course is on an invitation only basis, based on the extent of management experience in a health care setting and approval of the Department Chair. Graded S/U. Restricted to Program Students.

Registration in this course is restricted to students admitted to the Diploma in Nutrition and Food Service Management program.

Prerequisite(s): A minimum "S" grade in FSRV 1219 and 2429; a minimum "C" grade in FSRV 4323, NUTR 2322, and 2422; a minimum "C" grade in one of BUSM 1500, CMNS 1115, or 2228; a minimum "C" grade in CMNS 1118, ENGL 1123, or 1127; and a minimum "C-" in all other program courses.

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