CPSC 1155: Program Design for Engineers

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Course Format Lecture 4.0 h + Seminar 0.0 h + Lab. 2.0 h
Credits 3.0

Course Description

This course concentrates on the key elements of good programming and C++ using a multitude of interesting and appropriate engineering and scientific examples. It covers the features of C++ needed for writing engineering programs including procedural abstraction using functions. The course also presents fundamentals of numerical methods that represent commonly used techniques for solving engineering and scientific problems.

Students will receive credit for only one of CPSC 1150 or 1155.

Prerequisite(s): One of the following: MDT 85; a minimum "B" grade in Precalculus 12; a minimum "C-" grade in MATH 1171, 1173/1183, or 1174; a minimum "C" grade in CPSC 1040 or 1045; or a minimum "B" grade in CPSC 1050. Prerequisites are valid for only three years.

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