COOP 3303: Co-op Work Placement III Part II

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Course Format Lecture 0.0 h + Seminar 16.25 h + Lab. 0.0 h
Credits 1.5

Course Description

COOP 3303 Co-op Work Placement lll Part 2 is paired with COOP 3302 Co-op Work Placement lll Part 1, and together these two courses are recognized as the equivalent of COOP 3301 (Work Placement lll). This course is the second half of a co-op placement taken part-time over two terms.

Work experience and report. Practical application of theoretical knowledge gained in academic studies to enhance skills and to provide professional and personal development. Co-op work placements consist of work in a student's area of study. Evaluation will consist of employer evaluation, work term report, and presentation.

Successful completion of COOP 3303 requires completion of working hours and assignments, plus successful completion of COOP 3302 the previous term. Students registering in COOP 3302 are committing to register in COOP 3303 in the subsequent term in order to receive the equivalent credit to COOP 3301.

Co-operative education courses cannot be used to meet elective requirements.

Students will receive credit for only one of COOP 3301, or COOP 3302 and 3303.

Prerequisite(s): Acceptance to the co-op option; an approved co-op work placement; and successful completion of COOP 2501, or COOP 2502 and 2503.

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