CHIN 1117: Beginner's College Chinese III

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Course Format Lecture 3.0 h + Seminar 0.0 h + Lab. 1.0 h
Credits 3.0

Course Description

As a continuation of CHIN 1215, CHIN 1117 offers further oral and written practice in Chinese including a thorough review of the language's structure and grammar, plus additional vocabulary. Reading, conversation, composition and translation are emphasized. New vocabulary (in both phonetic transcript and in characters) and grammar concepts are introduced through a study of the Chinese socio-cultural knowledge embedded in the readings. At the end of CHIN 1117, students are expected to be able to use all the basic sentence patterns in modern Chinese and to read, write, and use approximately 800 Chinese words and phrases.

Students who have completed elementary grade two or equivalent in a Chinese-speaking country/area are not normally permitted to register in CHIN 1117. Students who have completed BC Mandarin 12 should consult an instructor of Chinese before registering.

Registered students deemed to be overqualified will be directed to a higher level course.

Prerequisite(s): A minimum "C-" grade in CHIN 1215 or demonstrated equivalent competency.

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