BUSM 3001: Disney World Work Experience

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Course Format Lecture 0.0 h + Seminar 32.5 h + Lab. 0.0 h
Credits 3.0

Course Description

This six-month full-time integrated learning experience at Walt Disney World Resort in Orlando, Florida provides the opportunity for students to gain experience and apply theoretical knowledge to enhance skills, provide professional and personal development, and to become familiar with the policies, procedures, and operations of the Disney World organization. This course is part of the Disney Field School (FSIE 2000). Students will work under the direction of a manager or supervisor who will assess the student's level of competence. This work experience takes place from January to July each year. Graded S/U.

Prerequisite(s): Acceptance to the Disney Field School.

Corequisite(s): FSIE 2000.

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