BIOL 4415: Proteomics and Metabolomics

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Course Format Lecture 4.0 h + Seminar 0.0 h + Lab. 2.0 h
Credits 4.0

Course Description

Proteomics is the study of a complete set of proteins in a cell. Metabolomics is the study of all the small molecular weight molecules in the cell, often the substrates and by-products of enzymatic reactions. The study of proteomics and metabolomics provides fundamental insights into how the phenotype is manifest. Students focus on the tools and applications of proteomics and metabolomics analyses, and learn cutting-edge methods for characterizing protein and metabolic functions, both for single organisms and for larger biological communities. They gain an understanding of the power these tools and approaches have on biological systems and experience working with datasets to solve real-world problems. This course prepares students for future work designing and creating original analysis of novel proteomes and metabolomes, and provides the foundation for diverse bioinformatics applications, such as personalized medicine, bioremediation assessment, industrial quality control, and even forensic science.

Priority registration in this course is offered to students admitted to the Bachelor of Science in Bioinformatics.

Prerequisite(s): A minimum "C" grade in BIOL 2315 and 4315.

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