BINF 4290: Bioinformatics

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Course Format Lecture 4.0 h + Seminar 0.0 h + Lab. 2.0 h
Credits 4.0

Course Description

Students learn how to select, design, implement, and evaluate a variety of computational tools and techniques to solve problems in the field of biology such as sequencing DNA, identifying and predicting genes, and detecting RNA structures. They are introduced to the principles and practical approaches of bioinformatics including exhaustive search, greedy algorithms, dynamic programming, divide and conquer, graph applications, clustering and trees, pattern matching, and hidden Markov models.

Priority registration in this course is offered to students admitted to the Bachelor of Science in Bioinformatics.

Prerequisite(s): A minimum "C" grade in BIOL 2315, 2330, and CPSC 4160.

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