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Langara offers more than 1,700 courses and over 130 programs to choose from - each thoughtfully designed to give you a solid blend of knowledge and skills. Our passionate instructors deliver tailored learning experiences to provide you with a strong foundation to pursue further studies or build a career of your choosing.

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Drop-in sessions

ONLINE Drop-in Sessions

If you applied but haven’t accepted your offer, we’d love to help. Join us for an online Drop-In Session to learn more or to get your questions answered. These sessions are offered on weekdays via Zoom at 2:15-3:45 pm. To chat with us during these times, simply join the meeting room here: https://langara.zoom.us/j/93022182874, or contact us at recruitment@langara.ca.

Webinars are also available in July for new students to inform them about their next steps as a new Langara student.

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