Creating Online Reading Lists

Langara Library collection offers online access to over 35,000 e-books, 280 reference works, 2,000 streamed videos, and 20,000 e-journals, magazines and newspapers.

You don’t need to upload or download any items in order for your students to have 24/7 online access, on or off-campus. Instead, you can create persistent links to:

  • e-books
  • specific chapters or pages of e-books
  • streamed videos
  • individual articles from online journal, magazine, and newspaper sources

We can do it for you:

The library can create persistent links for you and put them on Course Reserve for your class.
To place your request, contact the Borrower Services Department (local 5462).

You can do it yourself:

If you are comfortable with creating Web pages, Linking to eBooks, Videos & Articles gives step-by-step instructions.

We can help:

If you have questions or need additional help, contact Emma Lawson (5464) or your subject librarian.

Course Reserves

To arrange reserve status for books, photocopied articles, or online articles contact contact the Borrower Services Department (local 5462).


  • You can choose a 3-hour, 1-day, 3-day loan period.
  • Please provide the desired number of copies of each article (up to a maximum of 3 copies per course section) you are submitting to Reserves. Also include the complete bibliographic citation for each article for copyright purposes. If an online version of the article is available, the library will add a link to it so that students can access the article from off-campus.
  • The library does not usually purchase current textbooks for Reserves. If you have an extra textbook copy, a donation would be appreciated.