Jun 29, 2020

As part of our COVID-19 response, Langara IT will be modifying Adobe CC access for all students and employees to reflect the end of free access provided by Adobe until July 6th.

Students and employees will be assigned an Adobe license next week to allow them to continue to use Adobe after July 6th.

Student Access

As continued response to COVID-19, Adobe has allowed Langara College to extend its Adobe CC licenses to all the students until August 14th. This means that students will be able to continue to use Adobe CC until August 14th even though the temporary free Adobe access will end on July 6th.

Employee Access

Employees who need to use Adobe Creative Cloud at home will be assigned permanent Adobe access. This access will continue even after August 14th. For employees who have already received access to Adobe through Langara IT, no additional action is required.

For all new requests, please submit an IT ticket requesting access.

Information Technology