Please note that the message retention period is:

  • 4 days for played messages
  • 28 days for unplayed messages.

Time is calculated from the moment the message was originally left on the system. This is a necessary measure since this system is popular and storage space is limited.

If you have any questions regarding Voicemail or other telephone requirements, please contact the IT Service Desk at

  • Lift the handset
  • Press the flashing mail icon (it will flash when a message is waiting)
  • Follow your voice mail prompts to retrieve your message

More options:

  • To keep a message: press K (5 key)
  • To discard a message: press D (3 key)
  • To undelete the message just discarded: press *
  • To fast forward 5 seconds while playing a message: press #
  • To rewind 5 seconds: press *
  • To pause for 30 seconds: press 1
  • To continue: press any key (other than 1)
  • To skip forward by one message: press #
  • To skip backward by one message: press *

To dial directly to a person's voicemail box without their telephone ringing, simply dial 80, then the voicemail box number—for example, 80 5171

    • To delete what you have recorded and rerecord your message press D (3 key) to discard
    • To listen to your message before saving it to the mailbox press R (7 key) to review
    • To append to your message before saving it to the mailbox press A (2 key) to append
    • To mark your message urgent before saving it to the mailbox press U (8 key) for urgent
    • To save your message press X (9 key) to avoid recording the hang-up noise or simply hang-up

A receipt to notify you when a message has been played can be requested. This is automatic for distribution list messages. This receipt message will play after all your unplayed messages and before your saved messages.

  • To play the receipt message: press P (7 key)
  • To "audit" the message the receipt is for: press A (2 key)
  • To keep the receipt message: press K (5 key)
  • To discard the receipt message: press D (3 key).

Note: Each time the receipt message is played, the most current status of the recipients of your message will be played. Keep the message as long as necessary to monitor status.

Distribution lists allow making or giving messages to multiple users. These lists must be created prior to using them with option M to make a message from the voicemail main menu. Distribution lists also activate a receipt automatically to inform you when the message was played by the members in your list (see Playing messages/receipts in your mailbox).

When compiling a Distribution List and sending the message to an individual that is sharing a telephone line, the message must be sent to the mailbox number, not to their local as they will not receive it. (Example: The phone local is 5333, Press "1" for Joe, and "2" for Mary. You must ask Joe and Mary what their assigned box number is. They are usually numbers such as: 2014 and 2015). These numbers must be matched with their name on the distribution list to ensure that they receive your message.

Assuming that you have already entered your mailbox (8* then passcode)

  • Select U (8 key) for User Options
  • Select L (5 key) for Distribution Lists
  • Enter a two digit list number to create/modify

(list 02 through 08 available for use)

If creating a new list

  • Select N (6 key) to record a Name to identify the list
  • Press A (2 key) to add a member to the list
  • Enter the mailbox number to add (ie. 5218)
  • Repeat until all members added to the list (ie. A5219 A5220 A5221)

Optional - press D (3 key) to drop a member from the list

  • Enter the mailbox number to drop from list
  • Repeat as required (ie. D 5220 D 5221)
  • Press P (7 key) to playback members of list
  • Press X (9 key) to exit to main menu
  • Press X (9 key) to exit from your mailbox or M (6 key) to make a message for your distribution list

To avoid numerous hang-ups and messages from callers not listening to your greeting in full while you are out of the office (on vacation etc.), you may wish to consider one of these options:

  • Greeting Only - to prevent caller from leaving message
  • Ignore Attempt to Bypass Greeting - prevent caller from bypassing your greeting to leave a message