NEW: Student email is moving to Office 365 in Fall 2019! 

Read all about this upcoming change here.

IMPORTANT: All official College e-mails (including waitlist offers) will be sent to your myLangara e-mail account. If you prefer to use your personal email account, you can forward your myLangara email to that account.

All Langara students get a personal Langara email address.

The standard address format is: first initial + full last name + number + (Bob Student, for example:

Passwords are the same as those for the myLangara portal. If you forget your password, they can be reset (more info here).

These accounts can be accessed via myLangara or email programs such as Thunderbird or Apple Mail.

  • Quota: 10MB
  • Email is available as long as students have access to the myLangara account. At the moment there is no end date to myLangara accounts.
  • Accounts inactive for over 2 years will have their mailbox purged automatically.

You can, if you choose, forward your email to other email services you may subscribe to, such as Gmail, Hotmail, etc.


What can I do to deal with SPAM?
Users can do the following to help combat SPAM:

  1. Set up a filter in your myLangara webmail to delete, move, or flag suspected spam.
  2. Set up a filter in your email program (Thunderbird or Mac Mail) to do the same thing. The first option, however, is better because it will work for all incoming emails, not just those read in the email program.
  3. Forward spam email to with full headers. This will help "teach" our email server's spam filter to better recognize spam.

How Do I Change My Email Password?

  1. Log on to the myLangara portal with your Langara ID.
  2. In the Online Self-Service *Box at the top left corner of the Home page, click *Change Password / PIN.
  3. On the next page, click Change Login PIN.
  4. Enter your old password (once) and new password (twice), then click Change PIN.

Can I Change My Email Name?
Under certain circumstances, the automatically generated email name may create an inappropriate or embarrassing word. In such circumstances, IT will consider requests to modify email IDs.