Knowledge is Power

Knowledge is Power

Explore the world through Langara

Learning goes beyond the classroom. To truly receive a well-rounded education, students should have the opportunity to explore different ideas, research, and scholars. 

Scholars in different fields can bring valuable knowledge from a different lens that will help our students. The Visiting Scholars program plans to bring scholars from other institutions who will be able to do their work and hold public lectures and workshops for students interested in their field. 

Our goal is to continue to provide students with the knowledge and skills needed to contribute to our economy and community and students can access the courses and knowledge they need for timely completion of their studies. A visiting scholar will provide a type of scholarship or research that will give our students a wider perspective of the kind of career paths and research available for them to explore.  

Your contribution to our visiting scholar program will help host a visiting scholar as they continue their research here at Langara.  

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