Can I register my child on the first day of the camp?
No, registration closes Friday at 4:00pm the week before camp starts.

Is there anything I need to sign before my child starts camp?
All camps require the completed submission of a Parental Consent form at least one week before a camp starts.  For late registration, parents must bring the form to camp registration on the first day. Students cannot participate in the camp without a completed Parental Consent form.

What happens if the camp my child wants to attend sells out? Will there be another camp offered?
As our camps are limited to 10-15 participants depending on the camp, we recommended that you register as early as possible to avoid disappointment. Unfortunately, we cannot guarantee that a second camp will be offered if one sells out. We will make every attempt to try to provide a second camp, but again, there is no guarantee one will be offered.  

What if the participant is in grade 8 but is not 13?
Don't worry. If the participant was born in 2006, and is going into grade 8, they may be registered for camp.

Is lunch provided?
There is no lunch provided.  $10 should be enough for lunch.  Please ensure that your child has sufficent money for lunches and snacks or that they pack their own lunch.  As well,  field trips may be  part of a program. Lunches are not provided for field trips so campers should either pack a lunch or have enough money for lunch.

What are the  food options?
There are many food options in the cafeteria. There is a Starbucks in the Library building and a Subway in the new Science and Technology (T) building.

Camp details

Where do we go the first day?
Langara is a small campus. Signs will direct summer camp participants to the lobby of the A Building for camp check-in and package pick up on the first day. Camp instructors will greet students and take them to the classroom or lab they will be using for the duration of the camp. A copy of the Langara campus map is available here. For directions on getting to Langara, visit the Facilities website

What do participants need to bring?
All students should bring a notebook and pen and have plans for lunch, whether it's bringing their own lunch, using the daily coupon, going to the Subway, etc. Some camps have additional items that the instructors would like you to bring to enjoy the camps. If you are registered for any of the following camps, please visit the Camp Details for the list of items that we would like you to bring. 

  • Introduction to Digital Music Production/Advanced Digital Music Production
  • Capture your summer: Teen Photography Summer Camp
  • Graphic Novel Camp
  • Code Breaker: Introduction to Coding and Game Design /Advanced Coding

Where should I drop off and collect my child?
We recommend that you drop-off and pick-up your child from the student parking lots near the A & B Buildings. Entry to this parking lot is off Ontario St.

My child will be driving to camp, where should they park?
Paid parking is available on campus in the student parking lots. For information, visit the Langara parking page

Is there any before or after camp supervision?
Langara Summer Camps will be from 9:00am-3:30pm or 9:00-4:00, Monday to Friday. Outside of these hours, there will be no official supervision. Langara has a large cafeteria area where students may wait, as well as a large outdoor area with lawns.For specific times, please refer to camp descriptions.

Can I attend a camp with my child?
Unless your child has very specific needs that only a parent may assist with,  parents may NOT attend a camp.  For the participants to fully enjoy the camp experience, it’s best for the students to not have any parents present.

Statutory Holidays
The campus is closed and no camps will run on Monday, July 1st, Canada Day.

Medical Aide
Should a camp participant require medical attention, every attempt will be made to ensure it is received as quickly as possible.  All security personnel on campus are trained in First Aide. Parents will be notified as soon as possible regarding the status of their child.

Will there be field trips for any of the camps?
Some of the camps will have field trips such as Photography and the Digital Music Production camps.  Students will be notified of the field trips ahead of time.  Please note, lunches are not provided on field trips and participants will need to have a lunch or money to purchase food, as well as bus fare for the trips.

Refund and cancellations

Refund policy
Refunds will only be considered for if they are requested a minimum of 5 days prior to a camp start date. Refunds requested within 5 days of camp start date will only be considered for injury/illness reasons. A written request for a refund due to injury/illness must be submitted with an attached letter from a physician. There are no refunds or make-up classes for missed days. All refunds are subject to a $35 administration fee .

Cancellation Policy
Langara College reserves the right to cancel any camps that do not fill to at least 70% capacity. Full refunds will be issued.