Shaidah Karim 2016 Graduate - YTT Certificate Program

The LYTT program has a knowledgeable faculty which allowed us to experience different teaching styles and find our own voice as a yoga teacher.  Before the program, the idea of teaching terrified me.  We started one-on-one with a partner and with constant practice, I built up confidence.  Now I am comfortable teaching and can't wait to get on my mat to share my love of yoga.  

Robyn Monk 2016 Graduate - The Therapeutic Yoga for Pain Management Certificate Program

Following my yoga therapy training at VSY, I developed a strong interest in chronic pain - both how it develops in the body and why it persists, and wanted to deepen my understanding to better help others manage their own pain in a more holistic and independent way.The knowledge and skills I gained through this program have helped me both personally to better understand and manage my own pain, and have also strongly influenced the direction I have to chosen to take in my professional practice. The Therapeutic Yoga for Pain Management Certificate is a practical and comprehensive program, taught by skilled and passionate professionals working in the fields of Yoga Therapy and Pain Management. I highly recommend it! 

Janet Richards 2016 Graduate - YTT Certificate Program

Making the choice to take the Langara Yoga Teacher Training was one of the best decisions I have ever made. From the very start of the course in September, I could tell we were in for a very intense and thorough six months.The teachers were so knowledgeable and experienced. They came to class each week and gave 100% of their time, attention and support to the students. The courses were well developed and relevant, leaving the students with the knowledge and skills that it takes to become great Yoga teachers. The Langara YTT Program has enriched my own Yoga practice and prepared me to understand and teach Yoga to others. I am truly grateful for this experience and I am excited to share all of the valuable lessons that I have learned with my students!

Judy Lyon 2015 Graduate - YTT Certificate Program

I was first drawn to LYTT because of the holistic perspective offered by this program and also because of the classical philosophy. Words cannot describe my experience of these past 6 months.  I continue to be awestruck by the multi-faceted dimension of the teachings and the vast impact they have and will continue to have on my perception, my beliefs and my overall life. It is both subtle and powerful to experience how the teachings have become woven into my daily life and I’m aware that my learning has only just begun.

I experienced immense freedom while also embracing new challenges throughout the practice. This program had a way of challenging me to the edges of my comfort zone while at the same time offering support and encouragement from a community of highly experienced teachers and courageous classmates to step forward to a new way of being. I felt honored to be part of this diverse, heartfelt community. I appreciate that the teachers instructed from a delicate balance of lived experience and the long lineage of revealed wisdom, while encouraging exploration of our lived experience both on and off the mat. 

I have worked as a counsellor in the field of trauma and addictions for over 20 years and this is some of the most powerful therapy I have ever experienced. I am so grateful to be blessed with these teachings and am honored to share the knowledge in my professional and personal life. This training can assist you with challenges in every area of your life. If you want a truly traditional experience of yoga beyond the asanas, then register today.  It’s a beautiful journey.


Denise Tambellini 2014 graduate - YTT Certificate Program

The Langara Yoga Teacher Training is an excellent program! Comprehensive, challenging and life changing. Provides a strong academic base, balanced with practical and philosophical pillars of knowledge. The program is a significant benchmark for other programs to aspire toward. Lanara does not promote a studio but promotes the development of yoga teachers, and the truly joyful pursuit of unity: body, mind and spirit. You won't be disappointed.

Fiona Summers 2013 graduate, YTT Certificate Program

I chose Langara's YTT program because it was the most schematically comprehensive, and the weekend scheduling enabled me to keep working while I attended the classes. I learned that when it comes to teaching yoga, practice is better than the largest amount of theory, and that one person truly can make a difference - this knowledge serves as inspiration to get me on my mat everyday. I feel much healthier, stronger and confident in my ability to teach as a result of this program. I would highly recommend it to anyone seeking to begin as a teacher or to deepen their personal practice.

Sharmin Hirji 2012 graduate, YTT Certificate Program

 I never thought that I would become a certified yoga teacher at the age of 29. Despite my love for yoga, becoming a teacher was something I thought I'd reserve for one day when I had more life experience. But becoming a teacher of yoga, has only deepened my understanding of the practice and how it weaves into the other parts of my life, allowing me to live more fully and with balance in a society of constant change. The Continuing Studies Yoga Teacher Training Certificate program allowed me to truly connect with the practice. Many programs offered certification after 6-8 weeks, but Langara's program is creatively structured over six months, allowing me to integrate the teachings into my life and make a change. The program is designed to be holistic, supportive and change inspiring. It fosters a community of peers who support you through the transformational experience. The instructors are dedicated and take the time to get to know each and every one of their students, while creating a space to share individual obstacles and the emotional impact the experience can have on your day-to-day life.

Now I create my own daily yoga and meditation practice based on what I am feeling or need that day, helping me to better deal with the ups and downs of daily life. On a social level, I have a new found confidence with people. Connecting my healthcare profession with my love for yoga and spiritual growth has made such an impact on my life and exemplified what balance feels like. In so many ways my yoga journey has allowed me to better connect with all areas of my life. Who would have thought rolling out your yoga mat could do all that?

Michelle Merry 2011 graduate, YTT Certificate Program

Be prepared to work hard, make lifelong friends, have fun and be empowered to finally enter the sacred space of a yoga teacher. This holistic program is life changing, brilliantly organized, and thorough covering all aspects of yoga, from its history to anatomy and physiology. All members of the faculty are extremely knowledgeable, and warmly draw the student towards embracing yoga as a way of life. I would recommend this program to anyone, in any stage of life, and in any stage of yoga practice.

Tracy Sundbo 2010 graduate, YTT Certificate Program

My journey through the Langara College Yoga Teacher Training program was life transforming. It truly exceeded my expectations. The faculty presented and delivered the program content from a place of experience and encouraged me to explore myself at a deeper level. Taking this course was one of my best life decisions.

Barj S. Dhahan 2009 graduate, YTT Certificate Program

When a student is ready, the teacher is already there. For many years I had been exploring the question, 'Who am I and how do I effectively and meaningfully live in a world of challenge and change?' Last year I was drawn to explore this question further through Langara College’s Yoga Teachers Training Program. The six month program was a fabulous journey on which I learnt to breathe and to become more aware of my body. It was a growing and expanding communion of body, breath, mind and spirit within a caring and supporting community of a diverse group of learners, students and teachers alike.