What Our Students Say

What Our Students Say

“The knowledge and skills I gained through this program have helped me both personally to better understand and manage my own pain, and have also strongly influenced the direction I have to chosen to take in my professional practice. The Therapeutic Yoga for Pain Management Certificate is a practical and comprehensive program, taught by skilled and passionate professionals working in the fields of Yoga Therapy and Pain Management. I highly recommend it!” - Robyn

“As a Clinical Trauma Counsellor, I am always searching for ways in which I can better serve my clients. I wanted to help survivors connect with their thoughts, bodies and feelings on a deeper somatic level. Therapeutic yoga has amazing healing benefits that strengthen and deepen my work each day. Clients have shared that they look forward to the regular end of session practice, as it assists them in their own journeys. This program is an excellent asset to any Practitioner who is looking to access resources to help Trauma Survivors navigate through their experiences with a greater sense of ease and comfort. In my private practice, Elysian Counselling, I integrate the restorative aspects of Trauma-Informed Yoga Therapy, in collaboration with Clinical Counselling to help clients access a greater sense of wholeness and well-being. It is an honor and a privilege to be able to provide such unique and helpful service to those whom I serve.”  - Priyanka

“The LYTT program has a knowledgeable faculty which allowed us to experience different teaching styles and find our own voice as a yoga teacher.  Before the program, the idea of teaching terrified me.  We started one-on-one with a partner and with constant practice, I built up confidence.  Now I am comfortable teaching and can't wait to get on my mat to share my love of yoga.” – Shaidah

“My journey through the Langara College Yoga Teacher Training program was life transforming. It truly exceeded my expectations. The faculty presented and delivered the program content from a place of experience and encouraged me to explore myself at a deeper level. Taking this course was one of my best life decisions.” - Tracy

“When a student is ready, the teacher is already there. For many years I had been exploring the question, 'Who am I and how do I effectively and meaningfully live in a world of challenge and change?' Last year I was drawn to explore this question further through Langara College’s Yoga Teachers Training Program. The six month program was a fabulous journey on which I learnt to breathe and to become more aware of my body. It was a growing and expanding communion of body, breath, mind and spirit within a caring and supporting community of a diverse group of learners, students and teachers alike.” - Barj