Langara College Continuing Studies offers language classes with the main focus on conversation skills.
  • Reading, writing, and grammar are components of the course content.
  • Classes allow for individual attention and facilitate interaction among students.
  • Language instructors are native speakers skilled in second language teaching. A variety of teaching techniques are used in order to facilitate the learning experience.
  • Cultural aspects of the target language are introduced.

For more information call Anne-Marie Dussault at 604.323.5311 or e-mail

Program Dates:

  • January 2019
  • May 2019
  • July 2019
  • September 2019

Course Levels

Level 1:
Students are introduced to the basic vocabulary and simple sentence structures as used in daily settings. Present and future tenses are introduced when appropriate.

Level 2:
Students strengthen knowledge acquired in Level 1 and learn to speak in a more detailed way about daily life, family, work and hobbies.

Level 3:
Students strengthen communication skills by exchanging opinions and ideas while using appropriate expressions and grammatical structures. Past, conditional, and subjunctive tenses are introduced when appropriate.

Level 4:
The emphasis is on spoken communication with a review of grammar rules according to the students' needs. Students will be introduced to current expressions and idioms. Subjunctive tenses are reviewed when appropriate.

Level 5:
Students develop their ability to converse and exchange ideas while improving their fluency. Students continue to familiarize themselves with idioms, expressions and reported speech.

Intermediate 1:
In these classes a functional/task-based approach will be adopted by a variety of activities such as pair work, group discussion, interview, and presentation. Topics will cover daily activities which are meaningful in real-life situations. Reading or writing tasks will accompany when appropriate and necessary.

Intermediate 2:
Students in these classes continue learning and practicing various complex verb endings, complex sentence structures, and honorific expressions. A variety of topics will be introduced for pair or group conversations according to students' interests, needs, and experiences.


Previous level or equivalent. Students are welcome to repeat a level in order to gain more confidence in the language 


MarketGet acquainted with local customs: learn awareness and appreciation

  • Manners, etiquette and custom
  • Community dynamics
  • Urban life versus rural life
  • Family life