Have fun, learn new skills, expand your knowledge. Take courses that provide a pathway to further education in this exciting field.


  1. Sewing: Introduction (17.5hrs)
  2. Sewing: Level 1 (17.5hrs)
  3. Sewing: Level 2 (20hrs)
  4. Sewing: Level 3 (20hrs)
  5. Sewing: Textures and Textiles (12hrs)
  6. Fabric Selection - Sewing and Wardrobe (12hrs)
  7. Pattern Drafting Foundations (20hrs)
  8. Pattern Drafting Pants (20hrs) - formerly Pattern Drafting Level 1
  9. Pattern Drafting Bodice(20hrs) - formerly Pattern Drafting Level 2
  10. Draping and Design (20hrs)
  11. Fashion Design (20hrs)
  12. Fashion Illustration (20hrs)
  13. Computer Aided Fashion Design (24hrs)


  • Course offerings vary each term.
  • Register for any course as long as the prerequisites have been met