We look forward to seeing you in September 2021 when Langara College returns to face-to-face instruction.


  • Floral Design Level 1
  • Floral Design Level 2
  • Floristry Art-Special Occasions and Celebrations
  • In-style Wedding Design
  • Floristry Art - Interior Decoration/Contemporary Floral Design
  • Business Aspects-Visual Merchandising
  • Mastering Floral Gift Wrapping
  • Party and Event Decoration Design
  • Christmas Design and Decorations

Note: Course offerings vary each term. Register for any course as long as the prerequisites have been met. Program fee varies depending on course options selected.

Please bring the following items to class: sharp paring knife, scissors, apron, wire cutter and gloves. Some courses may require a hot glue gun.

All classes are held at Langara's Main Campus, 100 W. 49th Avenue.