Sport Science & Coaching

This area applies scientific principles to sport performance and health. These courses are beneficial to coaches, fitness professionals, and those in sport/fitness development and management.

Upon completion of these National Coaching Certification Program (NCCP) Introduction to Competition Courses students will receive NCCP training, which is a recognized credential to being a sport coach in British Columbia and throughout Canada.  Note: Each Series is offered two times per semester. View course details.

NCCP Introduction to Competition A Series

  • Making Ethical Decisions (SPSC1101)
  • Sport Nutrition (SPSC1102)
  • Planning a Practice (SPSC1100)

NCCP Introduction to Competition B Series: 

  • Teaching and Learning (SPSC1104)
  • Basic Mental Skills (SPSC1105), and
  • Designing a Sports Program (SPSC1103)