Mission: Being the best we can be - gaining a deeper understanding of the human body - designing a new future.

For over 15 years, Langara has taken the leadership developing a whole person trauma-informed and consciousness based focus on resilience.

Strategic Effective Enduring Resilience (SEER) based protocols acknowledge the complex connections among physical, emotional, mental, and relational ways of being. The trauma-informed and resilience-based protocols and practices aim at primary prevention and health promotion. Where trauma has stacked and individuals are experiencing the results of unrelenting stress or even post-traumatic stress responses or operational injuries, the protocols and practices taught in face-to-face settings offer highly engaged experiences that support renewal.

These face-to-face group centered experiential programs are offered over time allowing a natural process to unfold as participants learn to penetrate beneath well-entrenched defense patterns and re-find their natural healthy state of being.

Our First Nations program includes working with Elders. The program is highly co-creative honoring ceremony, culture and healing traditions. To host a program contact Ruth Lamb, program coordinator at rlamb@langara.ca.

Programs that we offer:

Strategic Resilience for First Responders Certificate Program

Strategic Resilience for First Nation Communities Certificate Program