Tuition & Expenses

Tuition & Expenses

Application Fee
There is a $155 non-refundable application fee. 

Tuition Deposit Fee
Students who require a study permit in order to study at Langara College are required to pay a $3,800 non-refundable deposit fee. This amount is used towards your first term tuition fees.

Students whose study permit application is denied by Immigration Canada can receive a refund on the deposit once they submit their current refusal letter from Immigration Canada. 
Please see the Refund & Deferral Policies.

Tuition Fees
Note: Tuition fees do not include textbooks or other costs incurred by students while studying (accommodation, transportation, living costs). Students who do not attain a C+ grade in a course will incur additional tuition costs when retaking the course (tuition cost determined by individual course fee).

Continuing Studies Diploma in Real Estate: $19,000 CAD ($3,800 x 5 terms)

Real Property Certificate: $11,400 CAD ($3,800 x 3 terms)

Construction Standards Certificate: $11,400 CAD ($3,800 x 3 terms)

Textbook Fees
Textbook purchases are the responsibility of the student. For most courses in our programs, textbooks are required to be successful and to participate effectively in the classroom.

Continuing Studies Diploma in Real Estate: Approximately $2,000 CAD

Real Property Certificate: Approximately $1,500 CAD

Construction Standards Certificate: Approximately $1,300 CAD

Langara Students' Union
Students admitted to this program are not members of the Langara Students' Union and are not required to pay LSU fees. Program students are not eligible for the UPASS transit pass, extended health/dental or other services provided by LSU.