Max Leal Graduate, Professional Sales

Max in cap and gown at graduation"Although I had more than 10 years of experience in sales, I felt that I was out of pace with the methods of networking and how today’s business environment operates. I saw the Professional Sales program to be a great way to update my skills and find new ways to reach prospect clients. That was particularly important, because I had just started a new job as Sales Manager in an industry that I had very little knowledge of and I had no personal relations with any potential clients. 

When I started the course, I only had four clients. Now, one year after I completed the certificate, I have 118 active clients, and our company has over 200 projects on the go at any given time from these clients. Our revenue has tripled and we are now facing the challenges of trying to keep up with our success, which is a good problem to have. 

I recommend the program to both new people trying to start in sales either for their own business or at a new job, as well as to seasoned sales professionals that have been hardened in their approaches over the years and not kept up to speed on new methodology and technology."

-Max Leal, Professional Sales Graduate