The Production Design Certificate is designed as an intensive yet practical full-time study program. The program will consist of 238 hours over a 12-week period study. Classes run on average four days a week with allocated to optional lab and study time.

Required Courses

Introduction to Production Design (12 hours)
Graphic Design for the Art Department (12 hours)
The Visual Concept (15 hours)
Drafting Concepts & Applications (27 hours)
The Construction & Greens Department (9 hours)
Scenic Painting (7 hours)
Designing the Location (15 hours)
Studio Design (15 hours)
Set Decoration & Props (15 hours)
Creating a Compelling Design Proposal (27 hours)
Building a Set (27 hours)
Model Building (12 hours)
Working on Set (28)
Creating Portfolios (12)



 Seedy Motel 3D Model C. Mainwaring                                                        




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