Online Courses

Online Courses

Please note: Our 2020 summer semester courses will delivered entirely online. Please click on the courses tab for a full list of our online course offerings. 

Continuing Studies offers both Basic Digital Photography and Digital Intermediate Photography in an online format through a state of the art platform known as BrightSpace by D2L. Designed to allow students unable to attend in-class courses the ability to enter the photography program and develop a core foundation in the practice of photography, the online delivery offers virtual one-on-one instruction.

Formatted to allow students 24/7 access to the course materials through a BrightSpace website, the online courses are comprised of technical notes presented in PDF form, links to relevant videos, live video conferencing, online group discussions and in-depth critiques of assignments. Students are, to a certain degree, able to work at their own pace, with deadlines for assignment submissions entirely at the discretion of the instructor. The courses are ideally suited for those students who are unable to dedicate a specific time slot to a course though are certainly willing to dedicate a few hours each week to study and practice the art of photography.

The instructor is available for consultation most days throughout the course, and online group discussions allow for student interaction as they work their way through these challenging yet enjoyable courses.

Photographic Art History online is a survey of the history of photography from its origins to the 1970’s and beyond. Students explore the historical context in which the medium was invented and evolved. You discover how the initial perception of photography- it solely being a mechanical device that rendered reality- changed to photography being one of the most significant mediums for artistic expression today. We look at specific photographers, and photographic periods and movements through slide presentations, videos, and reading. This is further facilitated by online discussions, reflections and a student video presentation.



The course is structured so that students have access to all materials and lectures from the start of class. There are deadlines for assignments, but they can be turned in early.  The 3 timed, open-note quizzes are taken on a Wednesday night from 5pm – 8:00pm.


Students will need to be familiar with Brightspace, Media Space, Kaltura, Adobe Acrobat, Microsoft Office and have access to a computer with video capabilities.