Tour Testimonials

Tour Testimonials

"I thoroughly enjoyed this tour and would happily recommend it to others!  The Gwaii Haanas portion of the tour was breathtaking; guides very friendly + knowledgeable and the food exceeded my expectations!  

Gwaii Taxi + Tours were reliable and driver Sherry also very friendly + knowledgeable.  Sherry “went the extra mile” to address the wishes of individual group members.  As a member of the Haida Gwaii community, she knew who to go to in order to arrange spur-of-the-moment tours to fill a little extra time, and artists to open their studios to us.  Food on this part of the tour also exceeded my expectations!" ~ H. Lockhart, 2018 tour

"The Langara Tour afforded me the opportunity to visit out of the way locations, hear historical and current concerns for the remote areas of Moresby Island, as well as the more occupied areas on Graham Island. The stories given by Jesse of Moresby Explorers, Sherrie of Haida Taxi and Tours, the Watchmen [and woman] at the Heritage sites gave a perspective that made the trip not a ‘tourist’ trip but a cultural introduction. The respect for the past, their elders, and each other was heartwarming." ~ M. Wilson-Young, 2018 tour

"Overall, the trip was a success for me, and I can say that this is an experience that I will continue to value. I even managed to take a few photos that I like. As an experience, it can hardly be imagined, being in an environment that is so different, difficult of reach, and historically significant. Everything was different: the sea in its raw energy, extreme moods, and unspoiled beauty; the light; the culture. My experience went beyond what I could have imagined, and perfect in its own way.

The floating house and Rose Harbour were certainly highlights for me, in terms of warm welcome, good food, interest, and beauty. I found Rose Harbour particularly exceptional. An oasis of warmth, historical interest, and down-to-earth beauty. I found it a privilege to be there to experience it, eat the delicious and nutritious food and, delight in its magical surrounding." ~ R. Tremblay, 2018 tour 

"This was a trip that I will never forget. A trip of a lifetime. The beauty and the serenity were awe-inspiring" ~ M. Irwin, 2017 tour

"The tour exceeded all my expectations! I loved the trip and would go on it again!" ~ N. Corbet, 2017 tour

"This was the best trip I have ever gone on. I learned so much about photography and about Haida Gwaii. The size of the group was perfect; we laughed a lot, shared a lot and became good friends" ~ B. Langman, 2017 tour