About taking the test at Langara:

On the test day, you must bring the following:

  • Test Voucher (print out the voucher sent by E-mail to you) receipt. We will reissue it on-site.
  • Photo ID (passport, driver's licence or other official photo ID)
  • Pencils (medium soft - No.2 or HB).
  • Eraser

Please place your voucher and photo ID on the desk during the test for identification.

About the JLPT Test

The Japan Foundation and Japan Educational Exchanges and Services has compiled a list of frequently asked questions. View them here on the JLPT website or download the pdf file for reference.

Questions are broken down into the following sections:

  • About the test
  • Levels
  • Test sections, test times and test questions
  • Studying for the test
  • Scores and determination of pass or fail
  • Test results (Score Report and Certificate of Proficiency)
  • JLPT Can-do Self-Evaluation List

jlpt entrance