The Health, Safety, and Environmental Compliance program provides a comprehensive and intense learning experience covering different aspects of the profession. Instructors are professionals in the field who will provide real life examples and give insight into the role of a Health, Safety, and Environmental Compliance specialist.



  • full-time and two years long
  • total of six terms, including one-term break on term 4
  • courses are scheduled on weekdays, Tue-Fri (3:00 - 9:30 pm). 

The areas of study include:

  • Environmental, Procedural, and Occupational Health and Safety laws
  • Industrial processes
  • Workplace Hazard and Occupational First Aid training
  • Project supervision
  • Business Communication and report writing
  • Conflict resolution
  • Contaminated worksites + WHMIS
  • Investigation and inspection techniques
  • Risk Assessment
  • Program Design and Presentation
  • Career and Work Search

Applied Project

The final term is self-directed and will consist of the development of a group applied project for oral presentation.  

This project will have student groups choosing and researching an industry workplace for operating procedures, processes, accident statistics, and more. The group will conduct a risk assessment, then design and develop a training program that will explain how an Occupational Health and Safety program may be developed and maintained.  

Students will be working with mentors throughout the duration of the last term as they develop their project.  

*Please note: students in this program are not part of the LSU so are not entitled to a UPASS.