Full-time program

Program Fees*

This program runs for three terms, consecutively, beginning in early September and ending in mid August of the following year. There are two semester breaks of two-week intervals between terms one and two and two and three.

We Supply: Traditional art materials which include all the necessary pens, brushes, inks, paints, drawing materials, papers and sketch books to get the student started.

Students Must Supply: Their own graphic tablets and stylus. Recommended brands are IPad Pro, Microsoft Surface Pro, Wacom Mobile Pro 13, and Cintiq Companion 2. Software – Adobe Creative Cloud for one year, Clip Studio Paint Pro

Students will also need to purchase a selection of text books that range up to $380. A list of required texts will be sent out within a week to 10 days after the student has been accepted into the program.

Domestic Tuition (approximately): $4,681.00(per term)

International Tuition (approximately): $5,681.00(per term)

Deposit for entering the program will be full term I amount as indicated above.

Do you have concerns about funding your education? Find resources at our financial aid office.

International Students

As an International Student, you must have comprehensive health and accident insurance to provide coverage for treatment of illness or injury during your stay in British Columbia. Please visit the International Education website for more information.