Jeffrey Ellis Instructor

Jeff is currently the President on the Cloudscape Board of Directors and their chief cat herder. He has contributed to all of Cloudscapes anthologies, and has published three of his own 24 hr. mini-comics: Dreamgirl, Dirk Dawson: Cats & Dogs, and Logan: Bicycle Courier. He is also working hard on his webcomic, Teach English in Japan, and his new project Crossroads which is coming soon to the web.

Jeff Ellis Self-Portrait

Colin Turner Instructor

Colin self portraitSince graduating from Sheridan College Colin has enjoyed doing concept art for video games, Backgrounds & posing for TV’s “The rescue heroes”. While in Toronto, he started his own 3-D graphics company, he also created the art show “Wired” his paintings took him to Wales & LA. He’s currently moonlights illustrating for graphic novels & works for a forensic pathologist re-creating crime scenes.

Self Portrait by Colin Turner

James Lloyd Instructor

James Lloyd has been drawing in Vancouver for twenty years plus, whether it's been for local animation companies, the comic biz in LA, or his own independent works and gallery pieces. In 2000 he began pencilling the Futurama title for Matt Groening's Bongo comic company and has been the regular artist on the book since. In 2008 the collected Simpsons/ Futurama Crossover Crisis storyline for which he provided the art was collected by Abrams Art in a deluxe format & became a bestseller.  Recently he has completed works for First Second Books and Boom! Comics. He would still rather read comics than learn his numbers.

Self Portrait by James Lloyd

Miriam Libicki Instructor

Miriam Libicki’s comics have been published by GEIST Magazine, Rutgers University Press, and the Journal of Jewish Identities. Her memoir “jobnik!” has been used in 10+ university courses. Her book of drawn essays received the 2017 Vine Award for Canadian Jewish Literature. Libicki received a BFA in Visual Art from Emily Carr University and an MFA in Creative Writing from UBC. She was the 2017 Writer in Residence at the Vancouver Public Library.

Miriam Libicki, Self Portrait

Bevan Thomas Instructor

Bevan Thomas is a Vancouver-based writer best known for his work with Cloudscape Comics, BC's largest comics collective. As well as serving on Cloudscape's board for many years, Bevan has been a writer on nine of their anthologies and an editor on five. Epic Canadiana #2, an anthology Bevan developed and edited, won Cloudscape the 2016 Gene Day at the Joe Shuster Awards for best self-published Canadian graphic novel. His work has also appeared in the anthologies Beyond and Superhero Universe: Tesseracts 19, and the magazine Pulp Literature. Bevan's comics explore a wide variety of genres, from the fantastical to the autobiographical. Among others, he has documented society after the Robot Revolution, recounted his maternal grandfather's funeral, and hunted a unicorn.

Portrait of Bevan by Jonathon Dalton

Jonathon Dalton Instructor

Jonathon Dalton draws comics about strange worlds and the ordinary people who live in them. His past work includes the graphic novels A Mad Tea-Party and the Xeric-winning Lords of Death and Life, as well as many short comics. He also drew The Legend Bold Riley: The Talking Bone, written by Leia Weathington, and has been colouring a forthcoming graphic novel.

Jason Turner Instructor

Jason Turner is a prolific Canadian comic book artist currently residing in Vancouver, BC. He has been self-publishing comics since the late 80s. He co-wrote the True Loves trilogy with his wife Manien Bothma. More recent work includes Farm School, the Adulation, Fir Valley and his latest Questing. His comics column in comic form, Jason and the Comics, ran in Broken Pencil magazine for five years. Jason currently organizes the monthly Vancouver Comic Jam.

Jason Turner, Self-Portrait

Kathleen Gros Instructor

Kathleen Gros' work has appeared in Shameless Magazine, Sterling Mag, and several anthologies. Her first graphic novel was published by Cloudscape Comics and was nominated for a Gene Day Award. Her next grahic novel is slated for publication in Fall 2020 by HarperCollins. She holds a BFA in Illustration from Emily Carr University.