Advisory Committee

Advisory Committee

Our program maintains a high standard and relevance in the Graphic Novel and Comic Book community by engaging an advisory committee comprised of some of the top graphic novelists and educators in the industry. With decades of work and teaching experience behind them they bring a high degree of innovative and important input to the development and maintenance of the curriculum. The committee meets to discuss what’s current in the industry and what is relevant for the graphic novel student in today’s market.

Jeffrey Ellis – President Cloudscape Collective

Amancay Nehuelpan – Comic Book Illustrator/Instructor

Sean Karemaker – Comic Book Illustrator/Instructor

Jonathon Dalton – Vice President Cloudscape Collective

Ed Brisson – Comic Book Illustrator

Bevan Thomas – Comic Book Illustrator/Instructor

Tony Cliff –Comic Book Illustrator

Raymond Chow – Coordinator Computer Technologies Langara Continuing Studies

Johnnie Christmas – Comic Book Illustrator

Josue Menjivar – Comic Book Illustrator/Instructor