This program:

  • Exposes the learner to fundamental concepts of geographic information systems (GIS)
  • Provides training in how to access and use free and Open Source data, programs, and technical support
  • Offers five courses in GIS, each of eighteen hours duration, consisting of equal parts classroom learning and guided labs
  • Augments existing skills of graduates with GIS knowledge, giving them leverage in applying for other professional opportunities

This program is ideal for those who are already working, the courses will be held evenings and/or weekends.

Each course consists of six sessions of three hours duration each. Each session begins with discussion of some fundamental concept of GIS, and follows with an exercise using QGIS and other software that puts the concept into practice. The concept is then reviewed in order to reinforce the concept.

In addition to the six sessions for each course, students will be required to complete assignments and exams for each course in order to evaluate their learning.


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The following is a list of courses geared towards developing your new found skill set. These courses will enhance understanding of the Program above and will allow you to perform at a higher level.